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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 10, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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area. the raiders introducing him as their new head coach with a staggering multi-million dollar deal contract. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us on wednesday morning, mornings on 2. january 10th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark -- >> it's quieter. thank you. speaking of southern californiae to san diego, things have calmed down, but after four, five inch rainfall around santa barbara, they have -- we talked about this yesterday. there were issues, but today looks better. same for us although yesterday that rain persistent for some from san jose south ward and a mostly cloudy day. clouds toppling over the ridge of high
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pressure. there's the systems zipping through arizona, but a lot of cloud cover topple over here giving us a mostly cloudy and very light rain as possible probably the further north you go. under mostly sunny skies, starting off cooler as temperatures -- some of that clearing and a few 30s. i think we'll get noticeably cooler temps over the next couple of hours. low 40s for some including occidental. good looking breeze for some on the coast. sfo due west at 23. that combination along with thes s down to southern california -- conditions down to southern california will make it quiet. 60 for a few. 4:01. and sal tells us anything? >> e off to a decent start. not a lot going on which is good good. the way we like it to start off at 4:01. let's take a look at the tracy super commute
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and start with 580. traffic is moving along nicely if you're driving on 580 westbound. it continues to look good as you drive on 205 and 580 into the livermore area on 580 west from livermore, dublin and castro valley, it's better. this is a look at interstate 880 and moving along nicely. for now, we're off to a good start almost anywhere. 402. back to the desk. >> thank you , sal. 13 people killed and dozens of homes swept away or badly damaged by heavy rains and mud slides in southern california. montecito was hit hard. that's where oprah and ellen degeneres live. it's 100 miles northwest of los angeles. a dozen people are missing and there's a fear the death toll may go higher. a 14-year-old girl was rescued by
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the santa barbara fire department and she's on the stretcher right there. she was trapped in her home after flowing mud and debris tore her house apart. johnny show -- >>reporter: crews try to clear critical roads for emergency responders. the storm swept across ventura, santa barbara and los angeles county about 2:30 tuesday morning while many were home sleeping. >> it sounded like a freight train coming down the hill. you could hear these boulders running down. >> there were -- some of the worst damage was in montecito. the community of 9,000 people including many celebrities. oprah winfrey posted video on instagram of mud outside her home and the helicopter she said was saving a neighbor. muds and
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water pushed cars off streets and brought down trees and power lines and moved massive boulders across roads and rescuers were trying to reach people in their homes. some houses were swept completely -- one 14-year-old girl was rescued after spending trapped in mud up to her neck. >> this is the worst we have seen. we thought the fire was terrible and this is devastation. >> the santa barbara sheriff compare it's to a war zone. >> it looked like a world war i battle zone. it was carpet and debris. >> search dogs have been called in to find people missing and the california national guard mobilized black hawk helicopter crews to help with the rescue effort including a 7-person crew from the 129th rescuers based at moffitt field. the mud slides, a reminder of the same danger for the bay area after the fires in napa and sonoma counties.
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>> anywhere below the burn in a valley or near a creek or river those are susceptible to having the mud flows and all the things we're seeing. >> janet katsuyama fox 2 news. >> napa county is still closed after a deadly crash last night that may have been caused by a landslide. it was first reported at 5:00 last night on highway 121 near wild horse valley road. a car went off of highway down an embankment and crashed into a tree. one witness reports a fallen rock first hit the car which may have caused the driver to lose control. authorities are unable to retrieve the car or the driver's body because the hillside is too unstable. the chp hopes to reopen the highway this morning. our time is 4:05. developing news from san jose where last night san jose police shot and killed a man carrying
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an ax at the metcalfe energy center. they saw a man walking toward them carrying an ax. reportedly the man refused to put down the ax and he was shot by one of the officers. cal pine operates the plant -- a statement from cal pine official britt kerr says there was an event involving an intruder and law enforcement. our employees are safe and we're cooperating with the authorities. now a judge ruled to allow the use of public money to pay for one of the lawyers of go ship defendant harris. harris and co-defendant derrick el mena are awaiting trial on 30 counts of murder. harris' lead
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attorney has been working pro bona because harris does not have the money and granting money is a rare move, but he believes it's in the best interest of justice. brigs will earn $140 per hour. time is 4:07. no word of major damage from a 7.6 earthquake. it hit the caribbean last night. it was off the northern coast of honduras, but the shaking was found in belize and mexico. in honduras, people ran out of their homes, but officials says there's no reports of injuries or damage. the california highway patrol says speed may have been the cause of a crash involving a school bus carrying special needs students in el sobronto. it shows a jeep hitting -- that pushed the vw into the path of the school bus.
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you can see there, the chp reports 12 people went to the hospital including all 7 children who were on that bus. the children were treated and released, but two people from their cars in the crash were admitted to john mere medical center in walnut creek in critical condition. time is 4:08. after a 16-year absence, gruden is back as head coach of the raiders. raiders owner mark davis and general manager reggie mckenzie introduced gruden yesterday. 50 raider players past and present were there at that news conference. john gruden talked about his passion for the game, and the organization that gave him his first head coaching job. >> obviously this is very emotional for me. i never wanted to leave the raiders. i never thought i would be back, but here i am and i'm ready to get to work. mark came to me a few weeks ago and asked me if i had any intentions of coaching and with the support of my family, i said, yes i do. i used to get phone calls from al
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davis at 3:00 a.m. and now i get them from mark davis at 3:00 a.m. >> everybody knows that i've been infatuated to get him here. but they didn't know how far along we were in the conversations. someone asked me what was harder to get the 31 votes to move to los angeles or to get gruden and getting gruden was the toughest. >> gruden last year with the raiders was 2001 and his last time with tampa bay was -- it's a decade -- gruden was asked about his hands-on style and if that style still works today. >> we have 50 extra oakland raider players today, they didn't mind it. i don't know what my reputation is. there's great video clips of me swearing and me screaming at players. >> 372.
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>> why stick to d-spot. >> [bleep] christ. >> i was as the biggest cheerleader in the league. i get excited when we make a play. i get excited when we make a first down. i really get excited when we win and i get upset when we don't. and i hope that still has a place in the nfl. >> john gruden signed a ten year contract to replace john del rio and the contract is 100 million -- the amount is -- there's a long plan in the city of oakland and it's paying off. coming up, a good report on crime. also as the immigration debate heats up in washington, a federal judge in san francisco issued a surprising decision affecting thousands of dreamers. we're off to a decent start when it comes to the morning drive. hopefully it will stay this way.
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a live look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. well, we have a lot of cloud cover spilling over here. it will keep the cloud cover and maybe light rain in the mix here. we'll talk about your wednesday's forecast coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning, a second politician facing a sexual abuse investigation committed suicide. 36-year-old former ohio lawmaker brandon hickson shot and killed
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himself tuesday at his home. the 3 term republican resigned from the state house last october after police started investigating him. authorities are not commenting about the case or whether it's connected to investigations in 2014 in which he was accused of inappropriate touching. kentucky state representative dan johnson killed himself last month after he was accused of molesting a 17-year-old girl during a sleep over in 2013. time is 4:14. last night a federal judge in san francisco temporarily blocked president trump's decision to end the daca program, the program that protects young immigrants from being deported and the judge requested the -- to block the trump administration from ending that program while various lawsuits are heard in court. the judge's ruling came hours after the president sat down with democrats and republicans at the white house to talk about immigration issues.
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now, california senator diane finestein released a transcript of a closed door senate interview on the controversial trump-russia. fusion gps cofounder simpson testified in august. he said the author of the docier, spy steel took his -- the political candidate was being blackmailed. last week top republicans asked the justice department to investigate steel claiming he may have made false statements. senator finestein says she released the document because quote inwee endo are apart of a troubling effort to undermine the investigation. the media company focuses on far right news and continues. the announcement was made on its website yesterday. bannon's departure comes less than a week after his explosive criticism of president trump and his family
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was published in a new book conserve billionaire and investor rebecca mercer was reportedly behind the website's decision to cut ties with bannon. our time is 4:16. the congressman introduced the stable generous act. it would require presidential nominees from the major parties to undergo medical exams conducted by doctors from the u.s. navy before the election and the results would be made public. democratic congressman brandon boyle says his bill would help voters make a major decision. and he says americans have the right to know whether an individual has the -- president trump made a comment in a tweet that he is quote very stable genus. in the meantime, friday's is the first medical check up since he took office last year. he's 71-year-old and
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he'll be examined at walter reid medical center and president's aren't required to have a medical examination, but they have done so for years. the navy add moral who supervised the last -- it's 4:17. time to check in with sal for traffic. >> why get up so early, you have good traffic. traffic on the 101 commute from gilroy to morgan hill and san jose. it does look pretty good as you drive into san jose. no major issues here and the south bay commute looks pretty good. we have a nice look at 280 in downtown san jose and it's nice. northbound 280 getting off to highway 17. bay bridge, this traffic is moving well, so we're two days away from that rain, and i can tell that now it has
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been gone for a while and roads dry and traffic light. no serious crashes out there to report. 4:18. let's bring steve in. >> thanku , sal. >> you're well. >> good morning, everybody. our power house low has moved off into arizona giving them rain. we'll show you that in a second. a lot of cloud cover spilling over the ridge if you will. and that's going to allow for a mostly cloudy day. light rain on the north coast. that was a more in one day than southern california had seen in ten months combined. so that will cause some problems and that's what happened yesterday, but today will be quieter. for us, quieter, but a lot of cloud cover spilling in. yesterday, overcast. the light rain continued, but everything is pushed south. the direction is northwest. coming out of the northwest, a lot of cloud cover. 30s and 40s and 50s and lake port at 38 degrees. temperatures to the east bay show 42 in black hawk and upper 40s or 50s.
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45 pleasanton and el sorito at 45. a westerly component or northwee , 32 in truckee. 52 down in monterey. if you're heading up into the sierra, a lot of cloud cover and for southern california except for rain around ocean side and san diego, the rain is taking the turn and giving phoenix much needed rain with snow towards flagstaff. that's their weather today. our cloud cover will give us a lot of cloud cover. 50 to near 60s on the temps. maybe light rain. i would think more to the north or what we call over running, but very light. measurable amounts is light. carrying the cloud cover into thursday and a break through the weekend and the next system looks to be tuesday. >> thank you. >> you bet. time is 4:19. keeping students in school and keep them headed toward college. coming up, we take a look at how one bay area university is teaming up with a community to make that
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happen. plus first responders who did everything they could to save lives and homes in the north bay wild fires and we have details of the ceremony.
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welcome back to mornings on 2:00. it's 44. former arizona sheriff joe is rt he -- he wants to replace jeff flake who will retire at the end
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of the year. he was known for a strict crack down on illegal immigration. last year a federal judge convicted him of criminal contempt for targeting latinos for traffic stops, but he was pardoned by trump. there's two -- democrats on capitol hill added senators harris of california and booker of new jersey to the panel that handles judicial nominations and appointments to the justice department. harris who served california's attorney general is expected as the replacement for el franken who resigned last year. booker spoke out against alabama senator jeff sessions during confirmation hearings when sessions was nominated an attorney general. this morning at 10:00, governor brown will unveil his state budget. california's projected to have almost $20 billion in reserves. the state's economy is strong,
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analyst say the governor cannot over spend because of new costs for california. president trump's tax overhaul would lead to less federal revenue. that's going to cause congress to cut funding for social services and that means the state has to set aside more money for programs like medical. last year's budget was $133 billion. state lawmakers want to make it easier for people with marijuana convictions to clear their -- it was offered by rob -- it would require county clerks to expunge eligible reports over reduce convictions from felonies to misdemeanors. and californians who have pot convictions to -- >> some individuals don't know they qualify and if they do, they don't know how, and if they do know how, they don't have the
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resources to execute it. there's so many pitfalls along the way, we make it easier. >> now, the law involving pot convictions was approved by voters as apart of proposition 64 which legalized recreation marijuana here in california. time is 4:25. a top secret satellite failed to reach orbit and fell back into the atmosphere. spacex launched that satellite named zuma from florida sunday, but its believed to crash back into the atmosphere. zuma is believed to be a military or spy satellite and because it was classified, it's not clear what went wrong. some of the men and women who fought the deadly wild fires in sonoma county back in october were honored yesterday for their outstanding service. the sonoma county board of supervisors recognized 150 firefighters, police officers, and paramedics at an afternoon ceremony outside of county chambers.
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>> i believe that what you did in those two weeks was well above and beyond what you do normally in terms of responding to trauma. >> those honored yesterday were given commemorative coins and the coins are presented in recognition of a special achievement. several thousand first responders will eventually receive the coin. it features the names of the fires, the sonoma county seal and the words "sonoma strong." >> bravo to them. time is 4:26. transparency is at the top of te -- up next, we'll tell you about a new tool the public will be able to use that will track the police use of force. a young boy in the east bay mauled by the family dog. up next, we're going to tell you how his sister was able to prevent the attack from being even worse. good morning, we can see the
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traffic on the east shore freeway is off to a nice start so far. it looks good heading out to the macarthur maze. i don't want to say our weather looks good, but better than the last couple of days. a lot of cloud cover and a tinnie bit of rain. we'll show you what's going on upstream, coming up.
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well, good morning. pam, can i take you to the bridge? >> please. >> any particular bridge in particular? >> well, i love this one with the light show, still playing on the bay bridge. >> i give you the bay bridge. >> thank you. >> these are live pictures and this is how we're starting off this day. a beauty shot. i hope you like it. thank you for joining us. this is mornings on 2. the middle of the week, january 10th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook.
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it's coming up on 4:30 this morning, and we want to give you a recap of this morning's headlines. before wet get to weather traffic, we're looking at the situation in southern california, just incredible scenes down there, search crews looking for people who may still be trapped in their homes because of the mud slides. 13 people have died so far. but that number could climb. there are still a handful. there is still a handful of people unaccounted for and the hardest hit area is montecito which is about 100 miles northwest of downtown los angeles. >> police in san jose are investigating an officer involved deadly shooting yesterday at a power plant in san jose. it happened about 5:15 p.m. when a man carrying an ax tried to get into the metcalf energy center in south san jose. officers shot the intruder when he would not put down that ax. john gruden back in the bay area f


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